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The Unsung Heroes Team Interviews The Help Out Team

About HelpOut

The HelpOut Team is a group of 8 young students: Siddharth Makharia, Diya Jain, Krrish Jain, Elisha Parikh, Shiv Kampani, Devarya Shah, Avantika Kampani, and Azad Parikh. For the past 2 years, despite being of different ages, they have successfully cooperated and executed their unique ideas in order to help the schools in a village called Ladiwali, near Karjat. Their wonderful initiative has not only improved the living conditions of the school children, but they’ve simultaneously created a positive atmosphere for the underprivileged society.

The Interview - With Siddharth Makharia, Krrish Jain and Diya Jain

Q. What is the story behind the creation of the HelpOut team?

“None of us exactly created this by ourselves” - Siddharth Makharia.

I asked the team about their reasons behind joining and contributing to this project. Siddharth said that he has a farmhouse in Karjat and whenever he and his friends, Krrish and Diya, visit Karjat, they pass the Ladiwali village. After they observed the lifestyle of the underprivileged families in these villages, the group of friends decided to initiate a project to improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged society.

Q. Which was the most successful and memorable fundraising event?

“In my opinion, the most successful event was the first football tournament that we did”-Siddharth Makharia.

Since HelpOut has organized a variety of events, all being successful, I asked the team about their most memorable one. In the summer of 2018, HelpOut organized ‘The Independence Cup’. Siddharth said that this was the most memorable event because it was their first large scale event. This event also successfully managed to spread awareness about their objective. Moreover, the team ended up exceeding their overall expectations, with 16 teams participating, multiple overwhelming responses, and a great sense of enthusiasm from their peers.

Q. What were the challenges that your team faced?

“We’re a team of 8 people across different age groups and all of us go to different schools”- Diya Jain.

Even though the team’s accomplishments are rather commendable, I wanted to know what challenges they went through to be at the level that they are now. Diya responded to this by emphasizing the primary challenge, is that the team of 8 had to manage their respective schedules, especially for the various tournaments. Another challenge was that HelpOut had devoted themselves to helping one school which unfortunately shut down. This led to a new task of adopting another school.

Q. What is your process of collecting and donating the various items?

“We usually buy the items from wholesale markets and we find suppliers online”- Krrish Jain.

I was curious to know about their collecting and donation procedure since I’ve noticed that they’ve always contributed immense quantities of items with no compromise to the quality either. Krrish Jain talks about how they look for the most competitive pricing, ensuring that they spend every penny as well as possible.

Q. What is the next project going to be?

“The younger members will take this over and continue the events”- Krrish Jain

Since the HelpOut team has members from different age groups, Krrish, Siddharth and Diya

would be going to college and as Krrish said, the upcoming events would be organized and

executed by the younger members.

Eight Members, Multiple Roles

Siddharth Makharia

● One of the founding members of the HelpOut Team

● In charge of recruitment, economic activities, and football tournaments

Diya Jain

● One of the founders recruits NGO teams and other school teams for tournaments

● Marketing head, Graphic designer, writer, handles the social media page

Krrish Jain

● Responsible for organizing ideas, economic activities, and recruiting members

● Overlooks basketball tournaments, venues, the website, and poster making

Elisha Parikh

● The team’s baker, manages the social media page, writer, helps in the events

● Treats the participants at the tournaments with her cakes, cupcakes, and cookies

Shiv Kampani

● Organized events with the curiosity gym

● Article writing, poster making and helped execute the events

Devarya Shah, Avantika Kampani and Azad Parikh

● Contributed in article writing, poster making, and event managing

Through this interview, I learned about HelpOut’s various contributions, commitments, and continuous initiation. The team has managed to inspire and persuade their peers to donate and help the underprivileged families, as they remind people that unity amongst every community and background is crucial. An urgent and necessary change of lifestyle was required in the disadvantaged societies and HelpOut has created this change, setting a heroic example, reassuring the disadvantaged families of Ladiwali with hope for their future.


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