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Making A Difference With SAFAI-दो

An interview report for Safai- दो with Krishang Maheshwari

About SAFAI - दो

SAFAI- दो is a product, initiated by Krishang Maheshwari and his aim is to support the disinfection drive and protect the environment and the society during the current situation of COVID-19. The product was launched in June and has been doing extremely well. Krishang has decided to create this product in order to contribute to society, improve the unfortunate living conditions for some families, and inspire people to donate. This wonderful product is innovative and effective and is definitely recommended as a cleaning agent against COVID-19.

The Interview

Q. First I would like to know what were your reasons to conduct this project?

“ I’ve always had a dream to start a business. To start a business so early is a dream come true”

I asked Krishang what persuaded him to go ahead with this rather creative and excellent initiative. He says that it is his responsibility as a citizen of India to contribute and create a positive impact in society, maintaining the environment, and continuously monitoring and improving the living conditions. More than it being a passion, starting this business was Krishang’s way of helping the families in need and generating a positive atmosphere during the pandemic.

Q. Could you explain what is the entire donation process and how is your product going to double the impact?

“For the customer’s point of view, he/she can protect their own family while also protecting another family”.

Krishang’s product is said to “double the impact”. This had intrigued me and so I was curious to understand the effectiveness of SAFAI- दो. The product helps not one, but two families simultaneously. An equivalent amount of disinfectant is donated as per his customer’s order. He also explained that the name SAFAI- दो came from “doubling the impact”. The donations eventually are transferred to a private NGO or to someone who lacks basic access to sanitation.

Q. Are there any specific agencies or NGO’s that are your target audience?

“Our largest donations would be to the government hospitals in Ambernath, in Navi Mumbai”.

I asked Krishang about his different target audiences to understand the various communities he wishes to create a significant impact around. Krishang says that besides donating to hospitals, he is now targeting Gujrat and other districts of Maharashtra as they have been greatly affected as well. Moreover, SAFAI- दो has also helped the small temples, and old age homes as well.

Q. So did you face any challenges during delivering your product and how did you tackle it?

“After one month passed, my sales started decreasing.”

I wanted to understand how Krishang was able to manage the efficiency of his sales and customer service during the lockdown. He said that there was a time where his sales were drastically increasing until there was a sudden downfall. To tackle this problem he changed his marketing strategy and his target audience. Instead of just focusing on basic households, SAFAI- दो is now targeting buildings as a whole. There was a stagnation point as Krishang mentions, and this was due to the limited target size that SAFAI- दो contributed to at first.

Q. And finally I would like to know will you be having any additional inputs or creations for your product?

“ I was brainstorming and I thought to launch a new product”.

Krishang is aiming towards launching a new product that is essentially a spray that can be used to disinfect the outer packages or any surface that could carry any possible germs. He wants to introduce this product because of the dangers of online delivery during the COVID-19 situation. However, he also mentions that this spray should never be in contact with the human body.

My interview with Krishang was wonderful and I am extremely impressed with the way he, a young student, has managed to create, launch, and successfully market his product SAFAI-दो in the middle of a pandemic. This is a rather heroic and outstanding initiative and Krishang has made a significantly positive impact in several areas across India.


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