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Deeds for Needs

Call it a happy coincidence, or chance, that two women met in their sons’ kindergarten school. Sangeeta Saxena and Priya Kapadia began to chat casually as they waited for their sons to emerge from class. Both came from families who had a history of doing charity and helping society.

The friendship flourished, based on a mutual urge to lead a more purposeful life. The desire to do something for the less fortunate strengthened into an earnest determination and culminated in 2017 into an N.G.O called ‘Deeds for Needs.’ The inception of this formalization was due to a project these two friends took up, to do up a small school for underprivileged children. A maidservant of a friend told Priya about the Prathamic Vidyalaya. Priya was moved beyond words to see how an elderly Maharashtrian widow and her family were struggling to fulfill the dream of her schoolteacher husband.

They started out in earnest to make a substantial difference to these children, who sat on tattered mats to receive a modicum of education from dedicated, underpaid teachers, while their parents worked on construction sites or other heavy labor jobs.

‘Deeds For Needs’ is an inspired name for their vision. An unbelievable transformation in the school was followed by a complete renovation of Shiva Ganga Old People’s Home in 2019. The flow of funds for every project seemed to be a real God-send. The two friends moved on to improve the conditions of a Leprosy Home, a school for Deaf And Dumb, The Emmanuel School, fees for economically unable school children, medical bills for hospitals, and repairs of an ancient temple at Beit Dwarka and a Goshala. Deeds has also planted 1000 fruit trees in Sawantwadi and this year will plant 1200 more.

Deeds For Needs grows steadily as word spreads about the wonderful work done by these two. In the past few months, however, all other projects have been put on hold due to the urgent need to provide sustenance to the very poor and needy, who are the worst hit by the pandemic. Their small-scale venture has had an immense impact on several lives.

Deeds for Needs lives by the words "Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Their inspiring drive and passion to make a difference is a real eye-opener and pushes each and every one of us to make a difference, in our own way.

Authored by Aditya Anand


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