• Maloo Natarjan FICCI -FLO Chairperson

Connecting the Dots

Are you a corporate jetsetter caught in a nine-to-nine job with meetings that seem meaningless with a designation that seems superficial and pointless? If you feel you need to infuse your life with greater meaning and are yearning for more depth in your professional life, it may be time to look for a career switch towards the development or social sector.

Anu Prasad is one such person who successfully switched from the corporate to the social space. Before joining the social sector, Anu held leadership roles at multinational companies such as American Express and TNT. An entrepreneur at heart, Anu has also co-founded and managed a successful travel company.

There is certainly a need in the social space for the right kind of ‘human capital’ to help manage the issues and the funding. However, it is not easy to make the switch.

Anu realized that pretty early on and decided to help those who wanted to switch but didn’t know where to begin. She founded the India Leaders for Social Sector (ILSS), a Delhi-based non-profit that works to strengthen the leadership talent pool in the social sector. It is a nine-day program designed to allow a deep immersion into the social sector, allow participants the time and space to reflect and travel inward to connect with their own values. From returning moms to hardcore marketing and finance executives, the range of social career aspirants is diverse.

‘The social sector, unfortunately, is still not the employer of choice, owing to a lot of notions and myths about working in the sector. There is an urgent need to address that’, says Anu.

Prior to setting up ILSS in 2017, Anu was the founding Deputy Dean of the prestigious Young India Fellowship (YIF) and a founding member of Ashoka University, India’s first liberal arts university.

Anu is an avid reader, an active volunteer in civic causes, and a passionate believer in lifelong learning, all of which she incorporates into the ILSS' proposition of learning and values-based leadership.


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