Bringing to you people who bring a change everyday and help us.  

Our Motive and Objective

The phrase itself, "Unsung Heroes", develops an abstract feeling of inspiration and curiosity when heard. Our motive is to shed light on all those people unheard of in society although support society like a backbone supports a body. This backbone of society is left in the darkness and this website is a medium that strives to bring forth those people from under that societal veil of ignorance and give them the recognition they deserve.


These people are 'unsung' and unheard of because their work isn't appreciated much. People recognise their work as a commodity, something that should always have been there and nothing great. They're ignored because they are people mostly working in the grassroots, because they are working for people who are not usually paid attention to such as the tribals or Dalits or the marginalised animals or climate and most importantly because they're people who strive for change and not recognition or praise.

My website is a platform that throws light on such people. They might seem insignificant to all but in reality they're doing some significant groundbreaking work for the betterment of our society. Helping people is our prime objective. We believe that from inspiration comes aspiration to do something and hence we strive to inspire you with our stories. 

Moreover for those who don't prefer reading we also have a series of short videos that can give one deft knowledge about our 'Hero'. Furthermore, we aspire to tie up with various organisations that accept donations so one can log on to our website and donate as much as they like in order to help the community. 

We hope to meet our objective and are grateful to everyone who supports our cause. 

- Raghav Ruia (Founder)

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